Training & Consulting

US Testing Equipment provides Security Consulting Services to clients for:

  • Planning for Special Event Screening Stations
  • Security Screening Training Courses
  • Checkpoint Layout and Design
  • Equipment and Standards Selection
  • Existing Checkpoint Auditing
  • Selection of Security Contractor to perform facility screening
  • Development of on going training practices
  • Penetration Exercises to test screening capabilities
Training and Consulting for Checkpoint Security Programs

Security Screening Specialists

We provide “NO CHARGE” equipment consultation. Our consulting staff has years of experience in both Physical Security and Security Technology solutions. We strive to educate and supply our clients with information to make the crucial decisions in establishing security countermeasures.

As a leader in Security Training, US Testing provides Equipment, Service, Training Development and Training Presentations to commercial clients across the country.  Our industry leading “Train-the-Trainer” programs have allowed our customers to increase productivity while reducing costs. Over the years, US Testing has been at the forefront of developing security screening protocols including both the CCSF and IAC TSA Cargo Screening regulations.

We provide both initial equipment training as well as on-going and refresher courses. We will happily develop curriculum for a client's unique needs and requirements.