Equipment Rentals

Security Equipment Rentals

US Testing Equipment offers a range of security equipment rental options including walk-through metal detectors rentals and X-ray rentals(various tunnel sizes). We offer best-in-class equipment and service for short and long-term rentals and work with industry leading manufacturers such as Rapiscan Systems and CEIA. US Testing Equipment offers security equipment rentals for a variety of environments including: Special Events, Music Festivals, Sporting Events and Arenas, Military Events and Critical Infrastructure. 

One-Stop Security Equipment Rental Services

After our free initial consultation, we will provide a solution and pricing tailored exactly to your needs. Turn-key equipment rentals from US Testing Equipment include:

  • Delivery to your location(s)
  • Set up and calibration of rental equipment
  • Basic operator training for key staff members (additional training options available)
  • Take-down and removal of equipment once rental term is complete

Additional options are available to provide on-site rental management staff to monitor the operation of units during the event or phone support back-up. You can rest assured that we will work together to develop the perfect rental equipment solution for your facility and event needs to guarantee success.

X-ray Rentals

Rapiscan 918CX

Security X-ray rentals provide an efficient and time-tested method of screening patron belongings such as backpacks, purses, briefcases, mailbags and parcels as well as pallet size materials entering a facility. X-ray screening guarantees that all baggage and materials entering a venue are inspected for potential hazards while offering limited impact to visitor experience. Many facilities are looking to X-ray screening to add an additional layer of security to their existing walk-through metal detector screening protocols because of their ability to quickly and clearly identify threats such as guns, knives, and explosives. 

Metal Detector Rentals


Walk-through Metal Detectors rentals provide low-impact, high efficiency screening capabilities for a variety of permanent and temporary settings including sporting events, music concerts, conferences and political meetings.  Walk-through and handheld metal detectors rentals offer detection standards that improve safety for visitors and protect against dangerous items such as knives, guns, and explosive devices entering the facility. CEIA Walk-through metal detectors can be set up and moved with little hassle and require minimal training for staff making them the ideal solution for event and venue security rentals. 

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