Rapiscan Itemiser 5X

The All New Itemiser 5X provides quick analysis & results (in approximately 8 seconds) with a non-radioactive ionization source. Advanced diagnostics ensure maximum availability and performance. Designed to be lightweight (28.65 lb/12.99 kg) with built-in handle for easy transport.


Itemiser 5X – The Most Advanced ETD Technology from Rapiscan Systems

The ALL NEW Itemiser 5X uses optimized detection libraries and advanced software algorithms, making it the ideal solution for detecting trace amounts of explosive and narcotic threats. The nonradioactive ionization source eliminates the need for annual wipe tests and licensing, as well as reduces shipping challenges. This portable, ergonomic desktop design features automated internal calibration to help decrease consumables usage, boost availability rates, and increase detection probability.

Benefits of the Itemiser® 5X: 

  • New subsystems for greater reliability & advanced software algorithms
  • Faster clear downs
  • New Desorber design makes for more efficient sample introduction
  • New Sample Wand with greater ergonomics and sample introduction
  • Remote monitoring via remote connection console
  • Results require minimal interpretations, allowing operators to concentrate on sample acquistion
  • Patented Regenerative dryer increases uptime and eliminates cost of dryer material replacements
  • Advanced diagnostics to ensure increased detection performance
  • Non-radioactive ionization source removes shipping restrictions and licensing requirements
  • Ability to create substance libraries

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