Rapiscan Eagle G60


Operating on rails, the Eagle G60 provides highly-automated scanning of dense and densely-packed cargo. A 6 MV X-ray imaging system – The Eagle G60’s 6 MV X-ray imaging system easily penetrates dense and densely-packed cargo, which may otherwise have to be manually inspected.

Material Separation Option: Helps the inspector find low density contraband, such as explosives and narcotics. These low density materials appear separated in the X-ray image from high density materials, such as steel. Material separation requires the 6 MV dual-energy X-ray generator on the Eagle G60.

Key Features:

  • Highly-automated Gantry Scanner
  • Powerful 6 MV X-ray Imaging for Dense Cargo
  • Material Separation for Contraband Detection
  • High Throughput Portal Scan Mode Option

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