Rapiscan 935DX

The 935DX, among the largest tunneled conveyor systems on the market, is primarily designed for screening air cargo and pallets.


The Orion® 935DX is a High Performance dual view large tunnel X-Ray system for Air Cargo and pallet screening. Featuring a modular low conveyor system and a central under conveyor generator for the primary view, the Orion Suite continues to re-imagine X-Ray Screening with the best in class image quality available.

Potential threats are becoming increasingly challenging to identify. ORION® with ScanOS was purpose-built to improve visibility during the screening process helping operators identify and mitigate potential threats faster by leveraging innovative features including CENTRAL UNDER BELT GENERATOR. By positioning the primary generator centrally under the conveyor the X-Ray source is close to the screening objects providing natural magnification. Coupled with the U Shaped detector line this creates an extremely accurate image of the objects scanned which are then presented to the operator with the correct aspect ratio regardless of orientation and position on the belt.

Specifically created to work in many challenging environments, the 935DX has been intelligently designed with no service access required from the top so it can be installed in facilities with space constraints such as low ceilings. ScanAI offers a range of regulated and unregulated AI solutions designed for fast and accurate detection of various prohibited items including Dangerous Goods such as Lithium Ion Batteries. Target and NARCScan are designed to detect a wide range of explosives and narcotics respectively in real time during the scanning process by marking a potential threat on the X-ray image. Rapiscan® Systems detection algorithms are based on regulatory approved material analysis techniques.

Rapiscan 935DX Large Tunnel X-ray Key Features:

  • Modular Design
  • Best in class image
  • Threat detection and ScanAI
  • Intelligent design
  • Advanced Image Processing Tools
  • Dual Mode Z-effective

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