L3 ProVision 2


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L-3’s advanced personnel-screening solutions quickly screen subjects using safe, active millimeter wave radio frequency technology to reveal concealed objects made of a broad range of materials – both metallic and non-metallic. Advanced, state-of-the art software processes digital scans data and determines if the individual can be cleared through the checkpoint.

Based on the 1.5-second scan, the system detects both low and high density materials, including explosive sheets, powders, sheet and bulk explosives, liquids, gels, ceramics and other solids, in accordance with TSA and/or EU ECAC specifications.

Less than six seconds total scan and processing time generate a decision mannequin. The ProVision 2 can support processing 200-300 people per hour, depending on the application and supporting security protocols. This system is compact enough to fit into space-constrained checkpoint areas and can be upgraded in the field to take advantage of new features or threat algorithms.

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