CEIA PMD2 Plus Elliptic


The CEIA PMD2 Plus Elliptic Walk-Through Metal Detector is a zonal model that combines high discrimination and detection with the minimum visual impact. All PMD2 Plus models are easy to assemble and transport which make them perfect for both temporary and permanent installations. The elliptic model places special focus on design by featuring modern, elegant lines that can be inserted into the almost any surrounding. The PMD2 Elliptic walk-through is the perfect metal detector for any security screening checkpoint. It is able to detect a wide range of threats from guns to ½ cutter blades and has 60 distinct detection zones with left, center and right indications.

Key Features:

  • Excellent discrimination of personal metal effects
  • High transit flow rates – Up to five times greater than other metal detection systems
  • Proven reliability
  • Continuous self diagnostic system
  • Advanced alarm signaling
  • Compliant with all applicable Standards for Enhanced Metal Detectors


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