GreyScan ETD-100 Inorganic Explosive Trace Detector

The GreyScan ETD-100 is an advanced, automated explosive trace detection (ETD) device designed to detect homemade inorganic salt-based explosives commonly used as ingredients in Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).


ETD-100 – The world’s first mobile CZE platform for detecting inorganic explosives

Fast, accurate, portable and easy to use, the ETD-100 has been designed to augment any security checkpoint scenario. Complementary to traditional explosive trace detectors, the ETD-100 is optimized to detect explosive compositions that contain inorganic materials. The deployment of the ETD-100 increases the detection probability of homemade explosives and IEDs which are the predominate threat used in terrorist activities around the world.

Most commonly used in Improvised Explosive Devices and Homemade Explosives the homemade inorganic salt-based explosives such as nitrates, chlorates and perchlorates are the biggest threat in the world of terrorism today. Used in more than 80% of all non-commercial explosives these compounds are the least detectable despite being made from easy-to-source substances. The ETD-100 is designed for use by first responders, checkpoint operatives and anyone who requires absolute detection of inorganic explosive threats. Detection scenarios include military, public security, cargo and mail screening, passenger screening, commercial premises and major events.

Benefits of the Grey Scan ETD-100: 

  • Inorganic Detection: The only ETD to detect inorganic salt-based explosives such as nitrates, chlorates and perchlorate used in home made explosives
  • Faster Results: Analytical results in less than a minute compared to slow, time-consuming laboratory equivalents
  • More Reliable: Accurate and sensitive detection of a full range of explosive compositions with minimal downtime
  • Easy to Use: Intuitive touch screen operation with red screen/green screen audible alarms requiring minimal training for security staff and non-expert users.

Inorganic based homemade explosives (HME’s) (i.e. those based on chlorates, perchlorates and/or nitrates) cannot be detected by current Explosive Trace Detectors (ETD’s), presenting a considerable security threat. The ETD-100 (device) bridges this gap by enabling real-time, automated, high resolution detection of inorganic explosives.

Traditional IMS technology can only detect ammonium nitrates and urea nitrate, but cannot detect potassium nitrate, chlorate and perchlorate based compounds. Nitrates detection with IMS is with poor sensitivity and limited consistency. The ETD-100 can detect potassium nitrate, which is the more dangerous and more readily available inorganic explosive compound and hence presents a higher threat. Additionally, the ETD-100 can be used in conjunction with IMS technology, such as the Itemiser 5X.  The ETD-100 extends current security capabilities by complementing traditional IMS explosive trace detectors.

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