Fortem TrueView™ Radar


Powerful compact radar detection solution

Fortem TrueView family of radar solutions are powered by machine-learning (AI) algorithms, and designed for a wide range of ground-based and airborne applications.  Designed to detect, track, and classify aerial objects and obstacles, TrueView radar provides real-time situational awareness and information for policing, enforcing, and securing any airspace.

The Fortem TrueView radar comes in three models: the model R20, R30 and the Fortem DAN-C radar. The Fortem DAN-C (Detect Assistance Non-Cooperative) is adapted to work in manned aircraft as part of an overall avionics solution integrated with technologies such as ADS-B, while the other models are targeted for unmanned BVLOS and ground-based radar solutions.  Deployed on the ground with many other R30 or R20 models, the TrueView radar detection is aggregated in real time as part of the Fortem SkyDome™ airspace awareness and security platform. This provides a network fabric of total airspace awareness from the ground.


  • Deploys on ground or on aircraft
  • Powerful sensor sees day or night and in all weather conditions including smoke, clouds, and fog
  • Effective 3D radar that can detect and track objects with precision
  • Simple & intuitive interface provides early warning object detection options
  • Provides the accurate location of objects at long range
  • Trueview provides early warning of intrusive or non-cooperative drones, enabling safe beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) operation.

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