Fortem SkyDome™



Airspace Monitoring and Security Platform

Fortem SkyDome can detect and classify drones as well as confirm their intention quickly and automatically. The networked system can be used by providers of drone services who wish to cost effectively ensure a safe airspace, or by security professionals who must protect their no-fly zone, provide an integrated response, and recover and report on all airspace activities within their concern.

Fortem SkyDome™ utlilizes Fortem TrueView™ radar’s AI-enabled detection and classification technology to provide a complete view and awareness of local airspace around-the-clock, at metro-scale, and in a variety of weather conditions. Additionally, Fortem DroneHunter™, a component of SkyDome, is an intelligent and autonomous perimeter safety solution, designed to actively provide physical interception of intruder drones approaching the SkyDome protected perimeter.

Features and Capabilities:

  • Simple setup of zones corridors and rules engine
  • Detects, classifies and tracks drones, vehicles, planes, birds and people at metro-scale
  • Measure intention and pattern of life
  • Initiate an integrated response
  • Recover and report
  • SkyDome is a network mesh of Fortem TrueView™ radar with AI-enabled detection and classification technology
  • Fortem DroneHunter™, an optional component of SkyDome, is an autonomous drone designed to quickly detect, classify, and provide physical removal of rogue drones
  • Digitize the airspace for rich data collection enabling analysis, business intelligence and big data

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