Fortem DroneHunter™



Technology to Securely Capture Intruder Drones

Fortem DroneHunter™ is a fully autonomous UAS air defense solution. Equipped with Fortem TrueView™ radar, DroneHunter includes an inertial guidance system, and an open command and control platform and AI-algorithms to detect, monitor and autonomously defend against hostile drones.

DroneHunter detects and captures intruder drones at a safe distance from a designated geo-fenced zone. DroneHunter is the world’s first radar-based UAV perimiter intrusion detection and protection solution. Once captured, DroneHunter can be instructed to tether and safely discard the captured drone. The Fortem Dual Net Launcher uses an inert gas propelled high speed 90mph net launch with extremely high capture rate.

Ground station software provides monitoring and manual intervention override options as needed to meet siuational requirements. DroneHunter is also completely integrated with Fortem SkyDome™.

Also available in a Military configuration. Following two years of development in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Defense, the Fortem DroneHunder military solution is designed to meet the specific security requirements of the U.S. Armed Forces.


  • Tracks and captures ‘RF dark’ (non-RFdetectable) intruder drones
  • Tracks and captures waypoint-directed (non-RC-jammable) intruder drones
  • Stops threats at a safe distance from the protected location
  • Fully autonomous track and defeat operation, with optional ‘man in loop’ human approval and ‘man-on-loop’ override capabilities
  • Safely captures intruder drone with no collateral

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