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The Adani ConPass DV is an innovative all-encompassing technology for personnel security screening based on the use of low dose X-ray transmission radiation. It is specifically designed to be used to detect objects hidden within an individual’s body, clothing or in their carried bags. The ConPass DV has been created for checkpoint inspection at airports, prisons, border crossings and government buildings or wherever high security is required.

CORE TECHNOLOGY: The Adani ConPass DV system is based on the use of a very narrow collimated X-Ray beam, which passes through the individual’s body and is being detected by the highly sensitive multi-element linear detector. The detector downloads its output to the operator’s workstation where the proprietary software reconstructs and enhances the image. The image is then displayed on the operator’s workstation screen. The software provides various image enhancement functions to the operator, such as brightness/contrast adjustment, zoom and pan and grayscale inversion. All images are stored in the local database for the future reference.

INDICATIONS FOR USE: The Adani ConPass DV is indicated for generating transmission X-Ray images of the individual’s body that can be used for detecting of prohibited and dangerous items such as guns, knives, detonators, electronics, jewels, plastic explosives, minerals, precious stones or metals hidden under clothing or in the body. Application field of Adani ConPass DV includes, but not limited to:

• Airports, seaports, railway and bus stations
• Border crossings control for police or customs
• Prisons – control of prisoners, visitors and staff
• Sensitive sites such as nuclear power plants, military, embassies, etc.
• Security of VIPs

The ConPass DV is based on patented X-Ray transmission technology, which eliminates the need for pat-down searches and dramatically increases checkpoint efficiency. This unique technology addresses the need for increased screening capabilities but limited legal options for unwarranted searches. Many locations are beginning to use this medical grade x-ray technology to allow for full body screening within government restrictions. This option is compliant with most state requirements but still detects prohibited items both outside and inside the body.

SCREENING CAPABILITIES: ConPass DV technology is proven as health-safe technology in accordance with regulations such as ANSI 43.17-2009 and ensures safe operation for security professionals, inspected person and the general public. Due to its extremely low radiation dose, comparable to 2-minutes on an airplane, this is the only technology which can be applied for personal inspection with the capability to detect items concealed inside the body.

With the non-intrusive scan, the ConPass DV provides a high-resolution, full body image of the person in just seven seconds. The inspected person stays on the platform which moves him through the inspection gate and there is no requirement to remove shoes, belts, jackets or coats. Using Adani’s proprietary image processing algorithms ensures a high image quality and the image enhancement tools allow the operator to evaluate the image for concealed objects, hidden on the body or inside body cavities.



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