Event Screening

Efficient Screening for Indoor and Outdoor Venues

For over twenty years, those in need of threat or contraband detection, in a variety of event security screening applications, have come to rely on US Testing Equipment as providers of best in class equipment and unparalleled customer service. Our expertise helps facilities evaluate technology needs, develop program procedures including traffic flows and throughput considerations, and establish training solutions for support staff. US Testing Equipment has the experience to help our customers navigate the world’s ever increasing event security screening requirements. Since the introduction of screening mandates, we have proudly assisted hundreds of facilities, both in the private and public sector, to become compliant with a wide range of regulations. We have years of experience dealing with the unique challenges and obstacles that come with large stadiums, sports organizations and state universities security programs.

Over the years we have also participated in several studies that evaluated the effectiveness of a number of event security solutions including magnetometers and hand held metal detectors. We are happy to provide additional literature on our findings for interested organizations.