Air Cargo

Aviation Security Detection Solutions

Since 1995 US Testing has played an integral role in the air cargo security screening industry. We were at the forefront of the Certified Cargo Screening Program, where our experience and knowledge with screening equipment and program compliance consultation, development of Best Practices and Standard Operating Procedures as well as customized training programs, allowed us the unique ability to provide our customers with total program solutions. In Explosive Trace Detection technology applications alone, we have deployed over 200 systems for air cargo screening. Our industry professionals also work closely with program regulators to ensure that we are providing our customers with the latest regulatory updates.

What is air cargo security? Since the inception of the TSA Certified Cargo Screening Program US Testing has provided Carriers, IACS, Cargo Handlers and Shippers with program elements such as Designated Screening Area Design; Application Analysis and Equipment Selection; Logistics Planning and Execution of National Roll-out Programs Including Equipment and Safety / Compliance Training. We remain at the forefront of air cargo screening regulations and have been recognized subject matter experts for over 25 years.

US Testing has worked with both the regulator and customer in the design and implementation of a unique, blended screening program encompassing Cargo, Passenger & Air Carrier security protocols with the TSA. Deliverables included Check Point Design; Equipment Selection Criteria; Equipment Selection / Procurement and Initial Training, as well as Best Practices Development and Standard Operating Procedure documentation. Contact us today for your air cargo security program needs.