Introducing the GreyScan ETD-100, the world’s first mobile CZE platform for detecting inorganic explosives

US Testing Equipment has a proven track record of working with both government and private industry to help select the right equipment for the right job. Greyscan joins an impressive portfolio of partnerships with a diverse group of manufacturing leaders including Rapiscan Systems, CEIA, Leidos, Gatekeeper Security, Alvarado and Armstrong Monitoring. Together with these partners we can offer multiple and flexible checkpoint security screening options for virtually any application or setting.

Noted Wendy Carpenter, President and Owner of US Testing Equipment, “We are very excited to add the Greyscan ETD – 100 to our portfolio of products.   As a small business leader in the provision of security detection equipment it is imperative that we provide our customers with the cutting-edge detection solutions they need to stay safe.  This new Greyscan relationship will further enhance that capability.”

GreyScan first launched the ground-breaking ETD-100 in March 2020, offering the worlds first field deployable device capable of detecting Nitrate, Chlorate and Perchlorate explosives compositions at trace levels from surfaces. These Inorganic explosive traces, previously undetectable by traditional trace detection methods, are found in over 85% terrorist incidences where Home Made Explosives (HME) are utilised. The ETD-100 brings detection probability to the next level by seamlessly integrating inorganic detection capability alongside traditional organic explosives trace detection, empowering front-line workers with a capability deployable in any check-point or within any screening scenario.

James Bryant, Greyscan Commercial Development Director says “Greyscan is actively growing its partner network across the globe to introduce new technologies to the worldwide security market and address gaps in the detection spectrum, currently not detected by conventional IMS based ETD instruments. We are very pleased to be able to include US Testing Equipment as one of our key business partners in North America and look forward to working with their team, sharing our resources, talent and knowledge in the explosive detection industry to address key issues and requirements coming from present and future security needs.”

Visit our product page for more information on the GreyScan ETD-100 technology