How do you model the impact of metal detector screening programs?

Here’s a great article on the impact of walk-through metal detector screening programs at sporting events:

Modeling the Impact of Patron Screening at an NFL Stadium

This report highlights several key considerations that go into selecting a security program including the impact on visitor experience and time required.

“Moreover,patrons often find magnetometers less invasive than wandings and patdowns and most patrons are familiar with them since they are used in airports. We also heard that it is easier to train staff to use magnetometers than to do wandings and patdowns and the results are more consistent.”

The article found that walk-through metal detector (magnetometer) screening times on average would range from 5 to 7 seconds per patron. This is in line with what US Testing Equipment has observed at several of our installations including Providence Park in Portland, OR where we found that a single magnetometer could screen about 400 patrons per hour at around 6.5 seconds per person.

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