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US Testing Equipment, Ltd.


Air cargo screening facilities face unique security regulations. We have assisted hundreds of air cargo supply chain participants in screening mandate compliance while maintaining a focus on the continued flow of commerce.


We work closely with the TSA, Department of Homeland Security and Military locations across the country to provide cutting edge security screening equipment. Many of our products are available through GSA purchasing.


As security requirements at events and stadiums continue to expand, US Testing Equipment has the right combination of experience and expertise to help you navigate the balance between security standards and visitor experience. 

ABOUT US TESTING EQUIPMENT, LTD.  Detection Security Technologies

Established in 1995, US Testing Equipment is a recognized leader in the Detection Security market. We have over 20 years of experience with Checkpoint Security Technology including Walk Through Metal Detectors, Hand Held Metal Detectors, Security X-ray, Explosive Trace Detection (ETD) devices, Automatic Under Vehicle Inspection Systems (AUVIS), Personnel Screening and Bio-Detection systems. We pride ourselves our ability to find solutions for any checkpoint security challenge and will work with our customers to develop a solution that fits their unique budget, requirements and regulations.

US Testing Equipment has a proven track record of working with both government and private industry to help select the right equipment for the right job.  We engage, listen, educate and make recommendations for our clients in a variety of industries including air cargo, military, TSA, events and stadiums, corrections and critical infrastructure. We have partnerships with a diverse group of manufacturing leaders including Morpho Detection, Rapiscan Systems, CEIA, L3 Communications, Gatekeeper Security,  Alvarado and Armstrong Monitoring. Together with these partners we are able to offer dozens of checkpoint security screening options for virtually any application or setting.

US Testing is engaged in all aspects of the security screening business, adding a uniquely innovative and knowledgeable approach to each project. In addition to equipment, we also provide installation, training, on-going maintenance and repair solutions. Our staff is trained and certified to provide service on all of our equipment in order to assure that you are receiving the best service possible. Learn More

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